Case Study - A Visual Storytelling Triumph

Malabarwood was a timber company whose main gig was chopping down trees. Not exactly the warm fuzzies, right? Timber twist—we didn't suggest it, but they love planting trees as much as we do!

Brand Identity, SM, Content Marketing


Malabarwood, the timber merchandise maestros – we transformed their rustic realm into a digital wonderland! Picture this: from sawdust to stardust, we embarked on a digitalization journey. We kicked things off by giving them a social media makeover, turning their platforms into the hottest timber spot in town. It wasn't just about posting photos; it was about ensuring they stood out.

Enter the digital marketing magic – we blended traditional marketing with a sprinkle of pixels. Our plan for Malabarwood? It was like crafting a story, but instead of fairy tales, we wove tales of timbers and sawmills. Our videos were as visually appealing as dealing with greenery – showcasing the glamorous life of timber from tree to board. It was visual storytelling at its finest, making people exclaim, "Wow, I never knew timber could be so cool!"

And guess what? Sales soared higher than a woodpecker's nest! We even gave their logo a facelift – because why should trees have all the glow-up fun?

What we did

  • SM Strategy
  • Video Marketing
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Google Optimisations

Malabarwood's digital transformation by Ow Ge was pure magic. From a sawdust world to a digital wonderland, they made our timber realm shine. Transitioning from traditional marketing to social media wasn't easy, but they made it smoother. Even our logo got a glow-up! Thanks, dream team!

Director of Malabarwood
Increase in awareness
ROI in 2 months

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