Case Study - India's largest roofing tile showroom network

Doing marketing for a hometown brand feels amazing. Traveling and spotting the hoardings we designed by the roadside, shining and grabbing attention – it fills us with pride.

KPG Roofings
Social Media Campaign


Guess what's hiding in our office shelves? Nope, not tax evasion papers – those are stashed away somewhere super-secret. What you'll find on our shelves is a collection of tiles. Not just any tiles, mind you; we're talking about some seriously good-looking roof tiles. We're so protective of them that even during our deep-cleaning sprees, we give them VIP treatment – hands off!

Now, let's spill some roofing tea: KPG Roofings is our longtime client. We're their social media maestros, video virtuosos, and the creative brains behind some attention-grabbing animations. No big deal, but some of our taglines for them are genuinely top-notch. We've been in cahoots with KPG Roofings for a good while – they trust us, and guess what? We trust them too, especially since they've got the whole 'pay on time' thing down to an art!

What we did

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Outdoor Branding
  • Website Dev

We value OwGe's relentless commitment. Their dedicated work has consistently surpassed expectations, creating lasting partnerships. Exceptional quality and unwavering dedication define their collaborative success.

Rajeel KP
Managing Director of KPG Roofings
Brand recognition
Increase in Sales
Better digital reputation
Years of service

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