Case Study - The 2 minute meal we really loved

Indomie India seemed like a breeze with its fan base, but whoa, we underestimated the noodle fandom! Trust us, we've faced serious design judgment. Noodles are no joke.

Indomie India
Campaign, SM Marketing


No kidding – having these delicious noodles as our client was a win-win. To shoot recipe videos and take mouthwatering product photos, the Indomie team generously sent us a flavor packed collection. Oh, you bet we nailed the job, but those recipes we cooked? Simply irresistible! Now, we're not greedy, but those expiration dates on the packs got us thinking – why waste such goodness?

Our mission with Indomie went beyond just savoring the flavors. We aimed to spice up their social media presence with online games, Instagram antics, and sale boosting ads. Recipe videos? Check. Amazing posters? Double-check. Proud to say, we not only made Indomie India the go-to noodles in the country but also managed to enjoy more than a few packs ourselves. Talk about a tasty success story!

What we did

  • SM Establishment
  • Supermarket Branding
  • Video Marketing
  • Amazon Sale Booster

Digital marketing by this squad is like our noodles irresistible! They stir up the online flavor, leaving us craving for more. Delicious results, every time!

Nadeem Safran
Head of Indomie India
ROI in 3 years
Yearly growth
Amazon sales

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