Owl Generation is an Award-winning agency based in India

We’re a branding and ad agency, burning the midnight oil on cool projects. Our nocturnal vibe inspired us to be the owls of creativity. Who needs sleep anyway?

We’ve worked with hundreds of amazing people

  • Malabarwood


  • Indomie India

    Indomie India

  • KPG Roofings

    KPG Roofings

  • Redteam


  • Thara Group

    Thara Group

  • KSUM


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  • Singularity U

    Singularity U

We've delivered success with top brands

We're just casually hanging out with organizations of all sizes and shapes – from MNCs to small businesses. Being a crucial part of their successful campaigns is just a little bonus.


Case study

A Visual Storytelling Triumph

Malabarwood was a timber company whose main gig was chopping down trees. Not exactly the warm fuzzies, right? Timber twist—we didn't suggest it, but they love planting trees as much as we do!

Indomie India

Case study

The 2 minute meal we really loved

Indomie India seemed like a breeze with its fan base, but whoa, we underestimated the noodle fandom! Trust us, we've faced serious design judgment. Noodles are no joke.

KPG Roofings

Case study

India's largest roofing tile showroom network

Doing marketing for a hometown brand feels amazing. Traveling and spotting the hoardings we designed by the roadside, shining and grabbing attention – it fills us with pride.

Digital marketing by this squad is like our noodles irresistible! They stir up the online flavor, leaving us craving for more. Delicious results, every time!

Indomie India

Indomie India

Services - We're catalysts for your brand's success

We sculpt unique identities, crafting logos that resonate. From compelling visuals to strategic messaging, we help your business thrive in the competitive landscape, ensuring lasting impressions and customer loyalty.

  • Branding Design. We craft unique logos because your business deserves to stand out like ufo amidst stars.
  • Explainer Animation Videos. Say goodbye to boring PowerPoint presentations and hello to animated awesomeness! We'll turn your complex ideas into simple, engaging videos.
  • Digital Advertising. Ever seen an ad so good, you considered buying the product even if you didn't need it? That's the power of digital advertising. We'll make your brand so irresistible that your competitors will question their life choices.
  • Website Development. Your website shouldn't be as dull and complicated as your uncle's good morning messages on WhatsApp. We're here to ensure it's uncomplicated and user-friendly.

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